First area in the mission.

Posted by cameron and chelsea , Monday, July 21, 2014 6:17 PM

Entonces, Estoy aqui en Huanaco, mi primera area!!! It is soooo windy here! My shirts are yellow by the time i am done with the day! Entonces, myy new companions name is Elder Lopez, from Santa Cruz Bolivia! he is awesome! He is the district leader. Our district is primavera! I absolutely love missionary work! it is so cool! Its hard work.. but let me tell ya... I love it! I can understand people usualamente, but it is hard for me to respond to people. But that is ok it is my first week! My penstanistra is Hermana Morales and her and her family are so funny! So we actually live with them for now, for at least 4 more weeks until we get a new place to stay (so we will be moving again). They are so nice, and funny. Hermono morales reminds me of dad a little bit. he is just so witty and always making jokes its funny! (its funny cause he thinks its funny.. JAJAJA). The food isnt bad until sundays, because sundays we eat with members.. i had no clue what i ate for lunch yesterday.. it was gross... but i ate it somehow.. they wanted me to eat the bones too.. but i couldnt so in my pocket it went.. and out when we were done with the visit haha.. i was sooo not gonna even try to eat the bones.. Anyways.. the missionary work is awesome.. we have 6 investigators and 4 are around cadens age.. they love talking to us. i asked one of them to get baptized.. and he was a little hesitant so i told him he should on august 2 because its my moms birthday, and he was like YESSSS!!! we were so happy, and i was able to talk to him and everything and ask him.. ughh it was awesome!!! Entoncess, the spanish is coming along but i want it to progress more, so if Chris has any advice.. YESS PLEASE. It isnt cold here until around 8 at night, its sunny and windy everyday.. i get stuff in my eyes all the time! it is annoying but its not too bad. There are dogs just everywhere! Elder Lopez and i have been chased by a countless amount of dogs.. 

I miss all the kids! the boys look great!! I cant believe it has almost been two months i have been gone! 

So this is usually my schedule for every day:
6:30 wake up and exercise
7 shower and get ready
7:30 desayuno
8 personal study
9 companionship study
10 idioma ( i teach english to elder lopez  every other day and he teaches me spanish)
11 plan for lessons
12 companioship inventory 
1 almuerzo
2 lessons or contact
8 cena
9 planificar for menana
9:30 get ready for bed
10:30 bed

Thats my everyday life!! And i absolutely love it!

With much love, 
Elder Thatcher

P.S. and with many llamas

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