Last week in MTC!

Posted by cameron and chelsea , Tuesday, July 8, 2014 1:12 PM

well its my last p day here in the mtc, and im not gonna lie... I am pumped for huancayo!!! My spanish is getting better, the only problem is it isnt where i wish it was right now but thats ok i guess, it will get better i hope. i am way excited to leave on tuesday morning at 3 in the morning for a 8-10 hour bus ride... sign me up!!! Tuesday will be an adventure, i still dont know details yet.
I love you dallin!!!! And i love you samuel!!!! welcome to the crazy big family!!!! i cant believe they were the same wieght and length! i love them so much.. i bet the kids are just having a blast with everyone!! i miss the kids!
Well ryan got a hernia in the provo mtc so he has to stay in the mtc for another month before he leaves, and he was about to leave for mexico so thats sad, but for good cause i suppose. tell Austin to email me so i have his address please, i dont have it.
this week was long but probably just cause there are ton of missionaries here! i feel like a senior again here. everyone looks up to the missionaries who are about to leave! they switched our p days because there are 3 zones now in the ccm so they have 3 p days. lot of missionaries!
Everyday is adventure with food, it is some weird meat that you have to chew for like two minutes each bite before you can swallow. and you never know what meat it is, unless its chicken.
too be honest, not much happened this week, just going to classes and firesides, oh i finished marking and tabing my scriptures, i have over 200 scriptures marked. all on the 5 lessons in preach my gospel. so i am pretty excited about that!
Oh for the 4th, we had "american" food, it was the funniest thing ever. they decorated the cafeteria and had american food. it was super cool. the meal consisted of: turkey, weird colored potatoes, rice (yes they still managed to put rice in it somehow) and applesauce.. thats about as american as it gets.. haha, it was good though, at least we knew what we were eating this time. it was cool how everything was decorated!
So brazil lost.. and that was a big deal to peruvians here so i cant even imagine what it is like in brazil, but argentina is still in so thats cool!
the cacewan language is super hard, one of the latinoes knows it and is trying to help me learn some each night before bed, its hard stuff.
Tell everyone i love them so much and that imiss them!

shopping on p-day! 

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