I am in Huanaco!!

Posted by cameron and chelsea , Tuesday, July 29, 2014 11:10 AM

Well the first two weeks in the field have gone by super fast!! The city I am in is called Huanaco! and i am in the primavera 1 district! Huanaco is at the top of my mission! Huanaco is nice in the morning and then hot at aroung 2 then the sandstorms come in at around 4 (which is terrible to walk in) and then around 7 its cold! so each day i pack for two climates before we leave for proseyting! We walk everywhere we go except for far away things or homes we take a moto which is basically a bumper car in my opinion and if we were to get hit it would be destroyed but they are cheap so we use em. I stay warm at nights so its ok! I bought an adapter this morning so i will send pictures after this. It is hard understanding people right now. I cant really reply to people yet, i just plan what i say before lessons for now. But i am sure it will be better. 

So, Elder Lopez and I had two baptisms for this saturday but it might have to get pushed back, we arent for sure, because we dont know if they will be ready or not completely but we are looking forward to the baptism! They are both 12 years old, they are cousins named Benjamin and Luis. They are always happy to see us unless soccer is another option which is rough.

Today is perus independence day! The streets are crowded and i heard people partying all night last night! 

So here the town is basically in a valley of tall mountains, theres the city and then theres the slums and farms which is my area! We are literally in the clouds when ever we are out in the farms on mountains. Its pretty high up but i dont have a problem yet. 

We drink a lot of canchita, which is a purple corn drink, it soumds and looks nasty.. but its actually really good! The water is not safe, so i buy bottled water basically every day or an inca cola, its only like 2 soles which is like 60 cents so its pretty good. The family i live with is awesome! Familia Morales! She makes pretty good food! For breakfast its usually fried egg, rice, and potatoes. for lunch its always chicken, rice, potatoes. and for dinner its usually hot chocolate or juice with bread and cheese or some type of meat that you dont really know what it is but i just eat it anyways. its not bad!

We only eat with members for lunch on sundays. And this is the really adventurous part. Our Mission Presdident said they wont cook anything they arent allowed but theres other stuff and its gross, I ate cuy.. (Guinea Pig) I was hesitant at first but i closed my eyes and ate it with potatoes and rice. They cook it in the ground its interesting. I will send pictures of it!

I havent gotten really sick yet buti am adjusting so ya... Butya everything is great so far! Love ya tons!!Tell Austin to email me, i dont have his email!

With love and Llamas (and guinea pigs),
-Elder Thatcher


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