Mother's Day!

Posted by cameron and chelsea , Monday, May 11, 2015 1:00 PM

Happy birthday to will and owen! It was great to see the family
yesterday! I really enjoyed it! I even got to see henry and mabel!
That was awesome! One thing that i think is super fun is talking with
chris in spanish. That is super fun! I feel like that hour just went
by super fasst!! But oh well.

So i was excited when i woke up today to have p day! And then i get a
call saying that p day is on saturday because we have a multizone
conference and pday on saturday. That would of been nice if i knew
that earlier so i could of planned for today!!! Now because we dont
have any visits planned for today we have to go knock door and contact
all day. That should be fun..

Well i am working hard. Really hard. I just want these problems to go
away in the ward so the members can focus on helping the missionaries.
That would be fantastic! Anyways love you all!!!

Elder Thatcher

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