Consado hoy

Posted by cameron and chelsea , Sunday, May 31, 2015 8:37 AM

Wow... holy cow am I tired...... So they are doing construction from
ambo to huanuco on the road and we got halfway to a town called Yanag
and then the driver was like... Ya i am leaving you here... So we had
to get out and walk from yanag to huanuco with all our bags.. there
wasnt other cars... We walked an hour and a half with our bags. (we
had our bags because we are staying the night in huanuco)!!!! I am
sooooo tired!!!!! But we finally got to hunuco!!!

So happy for will! Sounds like the baptism was amazing!!!

My goodness did Elder Caceres and I work hard... This week, we put up
high goals to meet. But we ended up meeting our goals and then
some!!!!   We found 5 new investigators!!! Something that we were
lacking was new people. So we were thinking how we could contact
more... Sometimes we get lazy and dont contact as much as we should.
So we needed a motive to help us get going strong. So we thought and
we came up with a game, that is quite funny. If i knock the door,
Elder caceres has to contact them and if he knocks it I have to
contact them!! Its funny. Oh and in the street, If i ask someone a
random question (it just has to be a question), he has to contact
them, and vise versa. It is funny. So usually every week we contact 30
to 40 people. This week we talked to 72 contacts, 72 people we have
never met!!!!!! 72!!!!! And out of the 72, only 5 new investigators!
Wow did we work hard.. Yes we know 5 new people isnt much, but hey!!
it is a start! Sometimes as missionaries the hardest thing yet the
best thing is to just keep working and knockin doors! If it means
knockin 100 doors and only 1 person lets us in.. so be it.. But we
have to find the people. And if the ward wont help us, that aint
holdin us back...

So ya it has been a long week. But I think it will all pay off!! We
found a less active that we didnt even know about by contacting!!! Her
and her son are members but her husband isnt! So not only are we
teaching a new investigator, but we are helping these less actives
that we didnt know about, so they can return, but even better, return
with there family!!!!!!

So yes we are doing good!

I love you all!

Love, Elder Thatcher

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