Tired allll the timeee

Posted by cameron and chelsea , Tuesday, May 5, 2015 6:08 AM

Que tal mis patas? How is everyone? Im tired.. super super tired, all
the time. Every night after planning, when its time for my bed, i just
crash , my body is getting tired at the end of the days fast!
So this sunday, i already told dad, but im gonna get on skype at 5 on
sunday, and login on jons account! Super excited for that! We had
stake conference on sunday! It was amazing!!! The stake president had
a talk about one of my favorite scriptures in Isiah 41:10 and 13 which
is an amazing scripture. Talks about how our god is always with us and
how is always willing to support us in whatever we need help with! Its
a great scripture. You should all read it!

Anyways we will see how this week goes, this week is transfer week,
but im almost positive that im not getting transferred!

Love yall!

Elder Thatcher

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