well it's official

Posted by cameron and chelsea , Monday, June 8, 2015 9:34 AM

I have more than a year on the mission!!! Whats Good!!! I feel so
blessed to have another year.. Not that I dont want to be with you
guys... But there is still a lot for me to do here. And that is
satisfying for me that i know that. I still feel like i havent done
much. Which is sad.. But hey the good news!!! I found out that all 3
of my converts are active and have callings!!!! How cool is that!! I
dont have many converts but at least thge ones i have are strong in
the church!!!

Everyone listen up!!!! A miracle happened this week!!!!! A miracle!!!
So Jordan.. the 14 year old that we have been teaching the past
months, remember, he was the kid that couldnt get the permision from
his parents. He comes to church as if he is active member.... After
much prayer and a lot of working and fasting... HIS PARENTS SIGNED THE
PERMISION!!!!! It is signed!!! We dont know how it happened... but it
is signed!!!!! We gave him a date for the 
4th of july!!! He is super
excited... and so are we!!! The fourth will be spent well here in
peru!!!!!! It makes me so happy to know that our heavenly father does
touch the hearts and answer the prayers of his children! So that was

 night i burnt my shirt as it is tradition.!!! It was awesome!!!

so all in all great week!!!!

Elder Thatcher

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