Posted by cameron and chelsea , Tuesday, June 16, 2015 1:41 PM

Well this week was long, but fun as well!!

We taught a lot a new people, but the majority were kids around the
age of 15. We taught another guy as well named Jack... This guy was
trying so hard to bible bash us. We taught him for a good time, and
every time he asked a question, i responded, and then he would be
quiet. It was funny, but he accepted us back to teach him saturday, i
was a little mad though because he called me a nationalist gringo....
whatever... haha.. But ya..

Anyways, Elder Pino is one of my favorite speakers. he gave a talk in
conference about the eternal perspective this past conference, i
encourage all of you to read it. It is amazing and has really got me
thinking about how these people i am teaching are making decisions for
eternity, and that is the way we should think when making decisions.
it was good.

Well we have transfers tomorrow but not to sure about it. Id like to
stay for my baptism, but we never know..

Love you guys

Elder Thatcher

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