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Hey everyone! This week, has been interesting. A little frustrating but everythink is ok. My companion only has 10 days left on his mission, and literally i have had to drag him around to go visit people, it has been hard. But ya its ok, im managing.

So last saturday we had interviews with our president. My interview was like 30 min long, i was so scared. But he told me i was growing very well and progressing as a missionary so that was satisfying to hear. We talked a lot. and i have been thinking a lot as i am reading the scriptures in doctrine and covenants, and it is interesting how i find and discover cross references to the book of mormon ( which i have read many times on my mission) and find scriptures that i dont remember that help me understand doctrines more clearly. One of those doctrines i asked my president about, or discussed about was exaltation and salvation for those who didnt act in the way they should of or didnt have time to act. It makes me happy to think about my dear friend Kody Fox.. We were best friends in 6th grade, he was a good kid, and played soccer very well. But died young due to a tragic car accident. I have thought a great deal about his situation. There is hope, there is grace... Will I be able to see him in the celestial kingdom?? He never acted, he didnt have time to have desires, but i believe there is a way. Now this is my opinion and im still not sure but in alma 29:4 it talks about how if he truly has the desires that there is a way for exaltation. Im not exactly sure, and i know he can accept the gospel in the spirit world but what does that do for his desires? Can he make it to the celestial kingdom, i know people who act and do everything right in there life but there desire is in a different way. You know my desires before was all about golf, but my desire shouldnt be focused in on that but more towards serving my heavenly father. We should but our desires and priorities in that first, at least i feel that way now.


I love you all,

Elder Thatcher

Happy birthday to mckenna and chels!!

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