well he left...

Posted by cameron and chelsea , Monday, July 27, 2015 2:08 PM

Hey everybody.. So last monday we never actually ended up getting to tingo maria. The road was under construction, but ya its all good. Maybe one day i will get to know the jungle!! But for now i have another transfer in ambo.. another one. .. Haha but its ok...

Elder Recalde left saturday and i am here in huanuco until wednesday. i still dont know who is my new companion, so a little nervous. but thats ok.. im scared about everything but thats just a part of it. Im gonna work hard this transfer!!!

I love my family and i hope for the best with everything, i worry about brother white and his health. he is in my prayers, and i know that he will be taken care of just like the rest of my family. I hope the best in the move with grandma.

I love you guys!!

Elder Thatcher

Happy birthday chris, noah and mom!!!!!!!!!

P.S. instead of tingo on monday we went to a place called 5 lagoons, it is super pretty!!!! There are some really pretty waterfalls there! It is peaceful!

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