Welcome to the jungle!!!

Posted by cameron and chelsea , Monday, July 20, 2015 12:22 PM

Hey everybody!!!! Happy birthday grandma! I love you!! Well this week went well. We found some new people! My companion only has 5 days left in the mission. After that I will be with the zone leaders until next wednesday!!! I have the privelege to go to Tingo maria today!!! It is the jungle. It is about two hours away from huanuco. But my companion served there and got permission to go visit today. So i get to go!!! Im so excited!! That is why im on early!!! I dont have much time today for internet. only 15 min!!! So sorry if its short and if i couldnt respond to emails well. but i will respond next week1!!!! Love yall!!!!

Elder Thatcher

martin the monkey! 

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